TCM “Bidbrain has helped us at TCM cykel to take control over our Shopping Ads, and provided cost control paired with transparency. BidBrain isn’t a black box like Google Smart Shopping which we used before, but a user friendly solution where we easily ourselves can monitor and change our CoS-targets over time.” - TCM
  1. E-commerce segment: Bicycles

  2. Customer:

    TCM Cykel

  3. Market/Markets:


  4. Previous bidding/solution: Google smart shopping

  5. Priorities: Wanted to increase ROAS and gain more transparency.

  6. Measuring: CoS (Cost of sale)

  7. Google importance: High

Like many Bidbrain customers, TCM used Googles Smart shopping and was looking for a way to increase ROAS and gain more insights in their Shopping campaigns. Both tests were done before TCM high season. During this period, Bidbrain managed to increase Clicks by +46%, and impressions by 82% - with only a +12% increase in cost. After the calibration period, TCM hit their target ROAS and enabled unlimited budget, and by doing this, managed to increase sales by 52% and increase ROAS with +33%. TCM also used Bidbrain insights to extract keyword conversion rates for use in other marketing channels.

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