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The core of Bidbrain is the AI technology for granular bidding, hitting your target ROAS and outperforming the competition.

  1. Features
    1. AI bidding
    2. Our bidding uses machine learning to predict the most effective bid to maximize return on adspend for each product. The AI constantly improves over time as it gets more data.
      1. Activate products without historical data
    1. Other automatic bidding solutions usually get impressions and clicks on around 20% of your product catalog, there are often big volumes and potential in the other 80%. Bidbrains Activation algorithm finds the hidden high performers in your feed.
      1. Custom ROAS / POAS target
    1. You might have different margins or prioritized product segments, with Bidbrain you can set up your own product segments and let the AI work towards custom target ROAS or POAS.
    1. Transparent AI bidding
    2. Bidbrain is opening up the data that belong to you and help to visualize the bidding & keywords data on product level.
    1. Leave the heavy lifting to our Ai
    2. We use a simple, transparent model that aims to maximize your ROAS and give you full control over your sales volumes. Our AI finds the sweet spot of cost and conversion. Get more profitability on products and optimize what’s really good.
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