Case studies

We work with some of Europe’s most exciting e-commerce businesses. Here’s some of our success stories.


At Bodylab, we work hard to ensure that quality and service are first-class - and this applies throughout the process, from our purchases of raw materials to the moment you open your package from Bodylab and look down at your products for the first time. We are not just a sports nutrition and fit lifestyle brand. We are a community. We´re your virtual training buddy, cheering you on from the sidelines and handing out virtual high-fives every time you break a new personal best.

White goods

This customer only had historical data on 20% of their products, since they only focused on their best sellers when running their old Google Shopping campaigns on a manual basis.



The most important thing for this client was to get more transparency from their shopping campaigns to be able to use the insights in their other campaigns. They also wanted to be more efficient in their marketing campaigns by increasing the return on adspend (ROAS).



This sporting equipment customer used Google Smart shopping before but wanted to optimise their CoS and increase sales.

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