Google shopping feed optimization

Optimising feed

The feed is the backbone of your Google shopping Ads. Bidbrains Feed optimizer helps you manage and automatically optimize your feed.

  1. Features
      1. Product title optimization
    1. Create customized product titles based on best practices. Use templates to populate your product titles and let Bidbrain automatically rewrite your product titles based on what keywords that convert well.
    1. Feed manager
    2. Manage your unlimited number of feeds and keep them trimmed with the Bidbrain feed manager.
    1. Feed checker
    2. Bidbrain check your data feed hourly, every day, all year. The feed checker will find errors and notify you before the products are uploaded to Google Merchant center.
    1. Automatic feed improvements
    2. Bidbrain can use other sources like scraping, plugins or APIs to fill in the gaps where your feed is missing important data.
    1. Infinite number of custom labels
    2. Manage an infinite number of custom labels with Bidbrain Feed manager.
      1. Map feed data
    1. Create rules and map attributes to improve the overall quality of your categories, product titles or custom labels.
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