Get an unfair advantage on Google Shopping Ads AI-powered bidding by Bidbrain

Simply connect your current Google Ads account and we show you the magic of the insights AI can bring to ad campaigns.

We’ll give you a one month free trial to experience more sales and higher ROAS before you pay anything.

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Why Bidbrain?

We guarantee more return on ad spend and insights on Google Shopping!

Bidbrain delivers

Clearly increasing your conversions and sales at a wanted CoS-% or ROAS, using AI-designed bids in your own Google Ads account.
Bidbrain share the same objectives as you and does not want you to overspend ad budget

Full transparency

No more Google Shopping black box. Bidbrain gives you insights on high and low performing clusters, and how these can be improved.
Gain business intelligence insights into valuable product segments. BidBrain is on your side.

Save time with AI bidding

Free up time spent on Google Shopping management. BidBrain is always on and always learning. Using all parameters and data to do granular bidding, 5,000-10,000 clusters and simulations using the latest AI technology, to outperform your existing account and competitors.

Bidbrain is currently used by

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How Bidbrain works!

You provide Google Ads ID, Product Feed and wanted CoS/ROAS. Bidbrain then bids inside your own existing Google Ads account and updates the bids hourly, increasing your sales by 20-50% on average at the same or higher ROAS.

The Retailer

Google Ads ID connect, Product Feed, wanted ROAS/CoS

Feed Optimization
Advanced Bidding
Smartphone add

Bidbrain pricing

5% of ad spend

Monthly ad spend on Google Shopping

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Estimated Monthly Fee
390€/month + 5%
If you’re currently not using a CSS and switch to BidBrain, you will have a 20% bid advantage on click prices, resulting in better output. On top of that BidBrain customers on average increase sales by 20-50% at the same or higher ROAS.
Increase in Sales


Bidbrain™ is a marketing platform that helps online merchants and agencies to optimize advertising and sales using state of the art AI-technology.


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