Bodylab “Teaming up with BidBrain helped us to decrease our CoS while increasing sales in a market where we had some challenges. It was super easy from the very beginning, and they are always there to help or answer our questions if needed – it is a pleasure to work with them.” - Head of Performance Marketing at Bodylab
  1. E-commerce segment: Health and nutrition

  2. Customer:


  3. Market/Markets: Sweden, Norway
  4. Previous bidding/solution: Google Smart Shopping

  5. Priorities: Wanted to increase their ROAS and conversion value

  6. Measuring: ROAS (Return on ad spend)

  7. Google importance: Medium to high

This customer wanted to increase their ROAS together with their conversion value. In less than a month, Bidbrain managed to not only increase ROAS but also conversion value with +39%. This was done by the advanced AI clustering algorithm, that managed to activate a broader part of the customers product feed. With Bidbrains transparent reporting and bidding insights, the customer managed to increase the quality and volume for their retargeting campaigns.

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