White goods
  1. E-commerce segment: White goods

  2. Customer:

    White goods client

  3. Market/Markets:


  4. Previous bidding/solution: Manual bidding

  5. Priorities: White goods

  6. Measuring: 4% CoS (Cost of sale)

  7. Google importance: Medium

This customer only had historical data on 20% of their products, since they only focused on their best sellers when running their old Google Shopping campaigns on a manual basis. When running our advanced AI clustering algorithm on their historical data, we found several similarities and the same likelihood of conversions between the products without historical data and products with historical sales. By clustering these products together we managed to activate more products on Google shopping and therefore also to increase sales with as much as +413% from day one, but still keeping the same CoS target of 4%. Another important part for the customer was to be able to get insights from the campaigns to use in other channels, which we offer and visualise within the platform.
White goods

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